Bishop Joseph Stickland

Dear Rosary Coast to Coast Community, I am pleased and humbled to add my voice to the distinguished Cardinal, Archbishops and Bishops who have already endorsed this effort and called the faithful to generously dedicate themselves to it. We are living through days of darkness and strife which we have never before witnessed in our lifetimes and the power of the rosary is truly a weapon of love that we must all embrace more strongly than ever. The Immaculate Virgin Mary, St. Kateri, and so many women and men like them through the ages offer a model for seeking justice, peace and fulfillment which is sadly lacking in our modern world. Mary has given us the rosary as a tool with which we can join in her continuous intercession of love for all of God’s children.    Read full endorsement letter here

Fr. Donald Calloway MIC
Author, Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon

I am 100% supportive of the Rosary Coast to Coast movement! Our world is in major trouble and we need to turn to the prayer that Our Lady has most insistently asked us to pray in all of her recent approved apparitions: the holy rosary. Without the rosary, we are not going to be able to slay the errors of modernism, secular humanism, atheism, and the poison of immorality that threatens entire countries and cultures. Swords slay dragons! I pray that all people of good will get involved with this movement and unsheathe the spiritual sword of the rosary!


Most Reverend Bishop Michael J. Sheridan

“Thank you for your recent letter concerning the Rosary Coast to Coast and the Novena for Our Nation. I am happy to promote these important prayer opportunities in our diocese.

With thanks for your dedication to the Rosary of Our Lady and wishing you many blessings, I am Fraternally yours in Christ.” Click Here to Read Letter


Reverend Robert T. Kickham
“Allow me this opportunity to acknowledge your recent letter to Cardinal Sean O’Malley, received at the Archdiocese of Boston Pastoral Center, and to respond on his behalf. Thank you for taking the time to share information concerning Rosary Coast to Coast. Cardinal O’Malley has always held a special devotion to our Blessed Mother and the rosary, confident that her intercession directs us to her Son, Jesus and our call to discipleship.

We pray that an ever increasing number of faithful will turn to Mary as a means of drawing closer to our Lord. With an assurance of a remembrance in the Cardinal’s prayers for you and all whom you serve.” Click Here to Read Letter


Rev. Msgr. Raymond C. Dreiling, V.G

“On behalf of Bishop Armando X. Ochoa, D.D., I wish to thank you for your recent letter requesting an endorsement of Rosary Coast to Coast and Novena for our Nation to the people of the Diocese of Fresno. I am very pleased to inform you that the diocesan Holy Rosary Ministry is very active in this very same endeavor and has been providing resources to our 88 parishes within the Diocese of Fresno. I am most pleased with the efforts they have provided over the years throughout the clergy, laity and local Rosary ministry groups within our diocese. Your letter will be shared with our Holy Rosary Ministry’s leadership.

Many blessings to you and to the work of your hands in promoting the Holy Rosary. May Our Lady of the Holy Rosary intercede on behalf of all God’s children.” Click Here to Read Letter

Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D.

“Thank you for writing. I salute your effort to promote praying the Rosary as a response to the Call for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty. I will share this information with those in our Archdiocese who are charged with the promotion of these efforts.

Please know of my prayers for this effort and all involved with it.” Click Here to Read Letter


Most Reverend Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

“Thank for your letter of April 13th and your invitation to have the faithful of our local church participate in Rosary Coast to Coast. The encouragement of the people of God to pray the rosary for the intentions of the Church, for their communities, and for their personal needs is always laudable. The unique pastoral realities of the Archdiocese of Galveston­ Houston make the explicit encouragement of all of our people to pray the rosary…the faithful of our local church will be encouraged to pray the rosary in connection with the Feast of Our Lady for the needs of the Church, the nation, and the world.”

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